Das beliebte Business- und Ferienhotel in Bad Doberan

Historical Review

This house used to be an art nouveau villa which was built in 1904 and has been a summer residence of prosperous citizens and their servants. During World War II, they were displaced. In postwar period and during the socialist GDR period this house was home of countless residents and their families living under difficult circumstances.

In this heatingless house they affronted cold and windy winter month and shared one bath room and kitchen. By the time the former luxury and opulent summer residence lapsed more and more into an old decayed hulk. After Reunification of both german states the house changed its owners several times. By now some rooms had become uninhabitable, windows were leaky and finally broken, rain pervaded the roof. Next to the famous railway station this house had become the blemish of Bad Doberan. The long years of negligence left its marks.

In 2005 the todays owner beared the challenge to buy this house. Two years of restoration, the complete removal of the roof and the heightening of one floor gave birth to what you can see now at the corner of Molli-station and Friedrich-Franz-Road. The original character and the original room division of the house are rebuilt to give you an impression of the former manorial times.

At the early days of 2007 the house that was going to become a hotel showed its finally shape. The roof decoration and the turret assumed shape. In July 2007 the Hotel Villa Sommer opened the door for the first guests whom we are so grateful for their regard and leniency.